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  • Stirling Careers Consultancy believes that when you want to leave your job you should  hand in your resignation in the form of a letter.

    Before you do so:

    • Make sure that you have received and accepted your new job offer letter and contract including salary details.
    • Make sure you read the contract carefully.
    • Make sure you read the small print before accepting.
    • If it includes restrictive covenants make sure that you fully understand them before signing. If in doubt, take legal advice.

    When resigning:

    • Have an informal chat with your line manager.
    • Hand in a formal letter stating that you are prepared to work out your notice.
    • Work out your notice, if required, although some organisations may ask you to go on gardening leave.
    • Talk to your new employers and organise a start date.
    • If appropriate/possible prepare handover notes.
    • Make sure that you hand over your work to somebody such as your line manager / senior member of staff.
    • Leave on a positive note.
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