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  • Job Offers

    Job offers can be made in a variety of ways:

    • At the end of the interview
    • They may contact you by telephone
    • They may contact you by e-mail or in writing a few days later

    Congratulations, all your preparation, research and practising has helped you.

    You now have to decide: 

    • Is this job right for me now?
    • Do you want the job subject to negotiations?
    • You are not sure and would like a better offer or would like to meet with them to discuss the offer further.
    • The job is not suitable.


    Do not worry.  Call the organisation and ask for some feedback but do not argue with them. It maybe that the interview panel felt rightly or wrongly that:

    • You did not demonstrate that you had the skills, personal qualities or experience for the job.
    • You did not show that you understood what the job entailed.
    • You did everything well but there was a better candidate.

    Thank the organisation for their feedback. Dust yourself down, take the positives out of the negatives and keep on applying.

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