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  • As undergraduates start the spring term it is time to start making plans and consider their career options for when they graduate in the Summer of 2016.

    It is important to start thinking about careers.

    These could be:

    • Careers related to your degree
    • Exploring your career ideas in more detail
    • Careers related to the part-time working that you have undertaken whilst at school or university
    • Careers related to your hobbies and interests.

    It is important to undertake research through visiting the careers library in the university and talking to a careers adviser at the university.

    • What are you good at
    • What do you enjoy?
    • What do you believe in and how does it fit in with your career plans?

    For those who are unsure, universities will have access to computer aided programmes which can suggest possible suitable careers.

    When you approach the job market it is really important that you take a targeted approach to your job search.

    Some of the options are as follows:

    Time Out (by choice)

    This could be:

    • To travel
    • Work Abroad
    • Voluntary Work / Work Shadowing
    • Time thinking about your next move.


    Postgraduate Study

    • Many jobs need postgraduate study such as teaching, law, librarianship, human resources.
    • Alternatively you may like to continue studying because you enjoy studying for its own sake
    • Or it may give you further time to consider what career paths is right for you. 


    A Graduate Entry Job.

    This is a job which needs a degree and will include Graduate Training Schemes. Be prepared to be flexible as there is a lot of competition for these jobs.

    A Direct Entry Job  

    This role you are applying for does not need a degree but having a degree will speed your progression through the organisation. Years ago many people starting out at the bottom of an organisation and then worked their way up through to the top. This will also give you a really good grounding in the organisation and perhaps more acceptance by your peers? And they can see that you know what the organisation is all about. Who will your competition be – those just leaving school?

    This could also be your fall back plan. You have tried really hard to get a graduate entry job but unfortunately through no fault of your own you have not succeeded. (Perhaps your sector is not recruiting at the moment,  alternatively, there is too much competition or too few jobs around).  Don’t think of it as a failure but it maybe you will need to think about your transferable skills.


    Starting up your own business

    You may see:

    • A gap in the market or
    • The degree course you are about to graduate in has inspired you to set up in business
    • Want to turn a hobby into your career.


    Quite often people who talk to a Careers Adviser will say that they do not have any career ideas but when they start talking to a careers adviser they do have ideas but it is just that they are not sure

    Remember that this is an exciting and challenging part of your life.

    Don’t be afraid to try out a few jobs.

    This is your life and you want to be sure that you find a satisfying and enjoyable career. 

    Either call us on 0790 461 4946 email us at info@stirlingcareersconsultancy.co.uk or contact us via our contact form on this website:


    We look forward to your call.

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