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  • Redundancy

    With organisations finalising their budgets for 2016-2017 organisations may make changes which could result in staff either being made redundant or having to re-apply for their jobs. This blog focuses on those being made redundant.

    Redundancy can be a very stressful time and you could be experiencing mixed emotions. However, it is also an ideal opportunity to take a step back and assess all your options before moving forward. If your organisation is going through a change management process all the research suggests those members of staff that are helped are more likely to make a successful transition to their next destination. If you or your organisation is going through a redundancy programme you will find these tips from Stirling Careers Consultancy helpful.

    Time to Evaluate your Options

    It is an ideal opportunity to step back and assess your options and to think about what you really want from your career and your next role.

    Make a list of all your skills and achievements

    It is worth writing a list of all your skills and achievements and things you have enjoyed doing. This is good preparation for starting to put you curriculum vitae together in preparation for applying for jobs and getting interviews.

    Alternatively you may have to re-apply for your current job. This exercise should give your morale a boost and make you realise your strengths and capabilities.

    Start thinking about how you are going to spend your time. It is worth considering doing a short course or doing voluntary work in the local community.

    Reviewing your CV

    • Start updating your CV targeting it at your next possible role. There are plenty of CV templates available on the internet
    • Or visit your local library. There are a lot of useful free careers resources available in the library.
    • Ask your friends to critique your CV so that you can ensure that you are providing the information that future employers will be looking for.
    • At some time, think about the image that you want to project to potential employers.



    • It is important to get out and about meeting people and attending targeted networking events related to your sector / profession. You can often find out about local networking events through your local Chamber of Commerce  
    • Get some professional business cards printed.



    This is a useful social media tool to build an on-line presences and useful as a research tool.  It is about building your professional identity online and staying in contact with colleagues and former school friends. You can join online discussion groups linked to your career and it is a way of keeping up to date again within your profession / sector.


    It is important that you do some exercise that you enjoy whether you join a gym or go for a walk in the park. This will enable you to keep your brain fresh and it will make you feel more energetic and enthusiastic.


    With redundancy it is important to monitor all of your expenditure and ask yourself:

    • Is it essential?
    • Is it non-essential?
    • Is it a luxury?

    Start putting a budget together and keep a close eye on it.

    It is really important to keep a positive attitude.

    All the research suggests that those people who are helped through the redundancy process are more likely to make a successful transition.

    If you are being made redundant, Stirling Careers Consultancy can help you through the process.

    We can help you evaluate your options, put together a targeted job search plan, (if appropriate) that will enable you to market yourself effectively to help you get your new job role as quickly as possible.

    Being made redundant is never easy, however, it is an ideal opportunity to talk things through with an experienced careers professional and put a plan together.

    This could be the start of a new life / new future / new beginning!

    Either call us on 0790 461 4946 email us at info@stirlingcareersconsultancy.co.uk or contact us via our contact form on our website:


    We look forward to your call.

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